Project Description

Situated on the Carmel Mountain, Haifa is the best kept secret in Israel, which is why we chose to make it our home.    A visit to Haifa allows for three half-day tracks that guests can choose from:

  1. The traditional Haifa Tour allows our guests to go from the top of the Carmel mountain and travel downhill with us, stopping at various sites along the way such as the Carmel Forest and University of Haifa’s Hecht Museum, Vortman Winery, The Bahai Gardens, Stella Maris monastery, Wadi Nisnas, and the German Colony.  Discover these charming attractions as well as the best views in all of Israel.  Let us know what you are seeking on your tour to Haifa and we’ll show you our town.
  2. The half-day wine and food tour allows for guests to enjoy our home winery,Vortman Winery,which is relatively unknown thought the wine is most excellent.  From here we descend with a trip down into the neighboring town of Atlit where we can enjoy a tasting accompanied by cheese on the Mediterranean coast with our charming host, Shoshana Vizan who escaped from the wicked city of New York to plant her roots with us here in the north.

3: Our third option is to join us by foot and take a foodies walk through the “Wadi” as the neighborhood is known.  Wadi Nisnas is a bohemian, mixed, cultural and all around dynamic place to enjoy a guided food and tasting tour in Haifa.  Starting at the Bahai gardens, we walk down towards the German Templar neighborhood.  This walking tour allows guest wanting the quick spin on Haifa to tour, taste and enjoy the secrets of our town on the hillside.