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Visit the stunning churches in the Galilee’s Kfar Kanna where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine.  On this tour we explore both the region, the wineries and the churches that make a Christian Wine Tour something different.  In the Judean Hills, a short drive from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, we visit Latrun where Franciscan monks have a thriving winery at their picturesque monastery. These two tours, to either the Galilee or Judean Hills focus on the special relationship of pilgrims to the Holy Land.  On this tour, we delve into the liturgy and bring to life the scenes where Christ lived and surely tasted his share of wine too.  Another treat is to visit the monastery at Beit Jamal in honor of St. Stephen, the first martyr of Christianity, where the monks produce some of the finest olive oil in the land. Taste and learn about Mony Winery, the only Christian owned, kosher winery in the world while exploring the monastery of  Deir Rahat.

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