Biblical food tour

My Israel Wine Tours is proud to present our newest addition: a Biblical Food Tour.  We have met with dozens of farmers, visited the best olive oil refineries, sought out the best bread bakers and searched across Israel for a chance to bring you a culinary tour that takes you back in time.

On this tour, we have the chance to delve into the past and explore the various foods and flavors that defined dietary norms in the biblical age. For those looking to examine the culinary styles of an earlier age, this is definitely the tour for you.   At the end of the spice route and blessed with an abundance of natural resources, Israel is very much a ‘foodies’ dream and the perfect setting to explore this tasty topic.  Israel is know as the land of the Seven Species as promised by G-d in the bible (Deut. 8:8) “A Land of wheat, and barely, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey”.

With a gourmet picnic lunch included in the price of the tour and your guide a foodie and biblical food enthusiast, this was a dream realized in bringing you this opportunity to taste your way through Israel.  With such a rich culinary and biblical heritage, an exploration into a biblical diet brings out the way that barley helped build the pyramids,  how wheat became the backbone of the agricultural revolution, how date honey financed the crusades and helped give Europe a sweet tooth and how the olive oil from only the sacred fields was used to anoint the first kings of Israel.  Join us for a day out in the fields, in the farms and into history.  Join us for a biblical food tour and taste your way through time.

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