Haifa tours

Half day tours are available from Haifa, Tel Aviv or Nazareth.

These tours will take you out for 3-4 hours for a quick taste of flavor and a chance to enjoy our services in a shorter timeframe.  We understand that not everyone can get away for a whole day and sometimes a quick outing can get the job done.  We structure these tours to be relatively closer to your city of departure so that you can spend as little time traveling and as much tasting as possible.

From Tel Aviv, we travel to Emek Hefer where we can combine a  brewery, dairy farm and a delightful winery for a well rounded culinary experience.  Alexander Brewery  is one of the best in the country and a tasting of their beers speaks for itself.  From here we continue onto Jacob’s Dairy where a tasting of homemade breads and delicious cheese allows for a picnic on the grass and closer examination of the cheese-making process and the Israeli obsession with al things dairy.  Finally, we travel to the Recanati Winery for a personal tour into one of the older wineries in the country and learn about this tremendous family and the wonderful work they do beyond just making world-class wines.

From Haifa, we have the opportunity to really spoil you and can arrange a multitude of options mixing wineries and other delicacies to spoil you on our home turf.  Our very own Vortman Winery  is a ‘must visit’ for the guest of Haifa and is a secret most residents don’t know about.  From here we have the option to head up into the mountain to explore the delights of the Druze culture in the town of Usafiya  with a panoramic view from atop the Carmel mountain.  Here we can taste the delicacies from this mysterious culture and relish the flavors that drive Israeli’s every weekend to come visit this charming town.  For the true wine-tourist, we instead head down the mountain and visit the charming Shoshana winery in our neighbor city of Atlit.  With a coastal breeze at our back and some of the richest wine and cheese you can find, you’ll discover that life can be good when you’re drinking great wine with friends.

From Nazareth… The sky is the limit

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