This tour is geared for those looking to explore the vast open beauty of the Negev Desert of Southern Israel.  Even in this sandy setting, the wines thrive and our tour into this region shows tat even in such harsh conditions, grapes can grow.  This region is truly a testament to the desire to make the desert bloom.  Explore the wines and history of Sde Boker, where former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion is laid to rest and of course, their premier boutique winery.  While possible in a day from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, this tour is best spread out over two days so guests can relish all that the Negev has to offer.

  • Visit Hot springs and thermal pools as part of your overnight
  • Stay in a charming desert B&B and enjoy and evening of wine/food pairing
  • Get away from  the crowds and enjoy the desert life
  • Visit a Nabatean ruin and explore the UNESCO incense route
  • Explore the stunning and unique Maktesh of Mitzpe Ramon

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