Two weeks of wine, and discovering the wonders of Israel

I love the chance to welcome guests to the wonders of Israel for the first time. The excitement, the anticipation, and imagination are all ripe for a sense of discovery. I cherish my role as both a tour guide and sommelier, allowing me the chance to tap into that excitement, with a little lubrication from Israel‘s wonderful wines.

For two weeks we split our time between wineries, breweries, and the exquisite food and culinary travels that Israel can offer. we also visited a dozen churches, numerous synagogues and mosques, and countless sites between Eilat, and the Lebanese border.


My guests from Holland were of a different faith, different age bracket, and different lifestyle. And yet it took all of one day and suddenly, they became like family and we traveled together as one.

The bond one builds with a guide is not always a given and not always the right match. Thus far I have been lucky to welcome some of the most wonderful guests and have had little problem adjusting and accommodating so that they may feel at home. The special feelings, the hugs, the happiness, and the celebration we were able to create together is feeling for me but I will surely not forget anytime soon.

For now I’m glad to be home with my family, and raise a glass to new friends that I am excited to hopefully be visiting in the fall on their farm in Holland.


Whether one day or two weeks, we are happy to welcome new friends into our touring family and hope you can join us on your next visit to Israel.



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