Grape Vines with Grit; Israel’s Vineyards

One of the perks of a wine tour leaving from Haifa, my hometown, is our proximity to the glory and beauty that is Israel’s northernmost wine region, the Golan Heights which is home to the majority of Israel’s vineyards.

This massive block of volcanic basalt soil is home to some of Israel’s greatest vineyards and stunning views to match. This mineral-rich, dark, black, rock allows the vines to thrive and wineries across the region reflect that elite terrain which grapevines simply adore.

I set out with a dear friend and three-time guest of My Israel Wine Tours, Avram, who visits Israel periodically. The best part of our business is when clients and customers return as friends and this was very much that kind of tour.

Together with his guests, we explored and relished some of the regions finest, deep Cabernets, bold Merlot, and some outstanding Sauvignon Blanc to match. The wine more than speaks for itself, but the memories we build and share on these tours is something all the more special, both for our guests and our guides alike.

We hope to continue sharing and exploring the many wine regions of Israel with friends and family alike, and to continue welcoming guests by the hundreds in this, our fifth year of business.

Shavua Tov, A wonderful week to all.

May your glass be full!


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